Why Did Arby’s Discontinue Potato Cakes?

Potato cakes are thin potato slices that have been fried. Arby’s potato cakes were popular with kids and adults who loved the crispy and flavorful taste. Many restaurants still offer them, but not Arby’s.

Why Did Arby’s Discontinue Potato Cakes?

Arby’s has a different menu than it did years ago. The potato cakes were dropped because they cost so much and were not a big seller.

They also didn’t keep well in the warmer and had to be thrown away if they weren’t sold fast enough.

Will Arby’s Potato Cakes Come Back?

Most likely not, although we do hear from older customers (who still love potato cakes) that they miss them. We think the people who used to love the cakes were loyal, and they are loyal without Arby’s potato cakes, so the potato cakes will not come back.

Potato Cakes
Potato Cakes

Is Arbys Going To Bring Back Potato Cakes?

Arby’s should bring back the potato cakes because they were so good. Some people love them and still miss them. It is not fair that they stopped selling them.

While one of their spokespeople has said that they are “not planning on bringing back potato cakes,” we’ll keep an eye on their menu and hope for some good news soon!

Did Arby’s Change Their Menu?

Over the years, many menu items have been added or removed from Arby’s. The Curly Fries and Jamocha Shakes were on the menu for a long time but dropped as new products emerged.

Arby’s customers still buy these missing items daily. However, they can only be found at other restaurants.

Does Arby’s Have Hash Browns?

Yes, Arby’s has hash browns, and they are really tasty. Some people love their hash browns and will eat them every day.

We don’t have any insider information, but it is possible that Arby’s hash browns are being made at other restaurants or by other companies.

They are a popular item, so if you see some on another Arby’s franchise’s menu, they might be from there.

Arbys Potato Cakes
Arbys Potato Cakes

Does Arby’s Still Have Sweet Potato Fries?

Yes, Arby’s has sweet potato fries. They are loaded with flavor and are a great side to have with a sandwich. They can also be eaten alone, but we don’t recommend them. Give them a try!

Does Arby’s Still Have Sliders?

Yes, Arby’s has sliders! They are small sandwiches perfect for eating while you are on the go. The corned beef and Angus beef sliders are both delicious.

Does Arby’s Have Fries?

Yes, Arby’s has fries! Their French fry version has a crispy outer layer and a soft inside. Arby’s fries have almost the same taste and texture as a McDonald’s French fry.

How Much Do Potato Cakes Cost?

The Arby’s franchisee has to supply the potato cakes for free at the time of purchase. However, making them costs around 50 cents per pound, so the franchisee has to pay that cost along with other ingredients needed to make sandwiches.


Arby’s no longer has potato cakes because they didn’t meet the standards of Arby’s fast-food menu, such as the cost and inability to keep them in the warmer.

Many people miss potato cakes, so it’s possible that they could come back in the future. Sweet potato fries have been added to meet customers’ needs for a healthier side order.