How To Make Honey Pot Cake Pops?

A cake pop is a cylindrical, sugar-coated cake that has been shaped into a ball and then soaked in syrup or dusted with icing sugar.

The cake balls are usually inserted into the centers of cupcakes or decorated with frosting and other fun toppings.

Instead of icing (or if you don’t want to use too much), dip the top half of your cake pops in chocolate or another favorite coating.

How To Make Honey Pot Cake Pops?

Step 1: Mix sugar with a leavening agent and water until it becomes sticky. (I’ve used baking powder)

Step 2: Melt a block of chocolate in the microwave, or melt it in the top part of a double boiler. You can use any other coating, but I prefer chocolate.

Step 3: Stir in honey and cover the bowl. Leave on high heat until the mixture is transparent and there are no more bubbles (about 30 seconds). Pour into a container and let cool down to room temperature.

Step 4: Cover the honey pot with plastic wrap, then add paper to the bottom of the bowl. It’s better to use two pieces of paper to ensure that they stay together well.

Step 5: Press the cake ball into the honey pot and let it sit for half an hour. Put the whole bowl into the fridge until the cake pop is firm.

Step 6: Remove the cake pop and cover it with dark chocolate, sprinkles, or any decorations you want.

Step 7: Dip a toothpick into the melted chocolate and use it to attach the cake pop to a stick. Please leave them in the fridge until they are dry and serve.

What Is The Trick To Making Cake Pops?

There are a couple of tips that you need to take into consideration. First of all, when you are preparing the cake ball, make sure that it’s moist enough but not too wet.

It’s better to add more sugar than flour. The other important thing to remember is that you should use a large enough bowl and press the mixture firmly so that no air is trapped inside.

What Is Cake Pop Coating Made Of?

Cake pops are usually coated with a layer of white chocolate, dark chocolate, or even both. You can either melt the chocolate in the microwave and use it to cover your cake balls with a toothpick,

or you can use a double boiler to melt your chocolate slowly. If you don’t want to use any coating, roll the cake balls in colored sugar instead.

Should Cake Pops Be Cold Before Dipping?

Cake pops should be firm enough when you dip them. If they seem weak or their surface will easily get flattened, it’s better to leave them out for a few hours until they are scorched and hard.

How Do You Make Cake Pops Shiny?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you’re decorating your cake pops is the details.

To make them look more realistic, it’s best to use a plain cake instead of one with a frosting layer.

You should also not leave the cake in the fridge since that will start condensing and make the surface less shiny.

How To Store

You can store them frozen, but they will become more delicate. I prefer to put them in the fridge so they get hard and can be kept for extended periods. You can also freeze them, but they will lose their typical shape.


Cake pops are simple, and you don’t need any special equipment. They can be made from any cake recipe, but pudding cakes work best.

Remember that you should prepare the cake balls the day before because they need several hours to become firm enough and hold their shape when dipped into the coating.

Store them in the fridge or freezer if you don’t plan to serve them immediately. Also, they will hold better if they are dry all the way through.