How To Make A Cake Box?

A cake box is a container that is typically used to store and deliver cakes. These are usually made out of cardboard, plastic, or styrofoam.

They can also be wrapped in plastic to prevent the cake from absorbing the condensation left over from being transported by an iced vehicle such as an ice cream truck.

How To Make A Cake Box?

Step 1: Take a large cardboard box and cut it into a rectangle that is smaller than the cake is in length and width.

Make A Cake Box
Make A Cake Box

Step 2: Tape the sides of the box from top to bottom.

Step 3: Tape the bottom of the box. This will give it height so that it will stand on its own when you place it upside down on top of something.

It also prevents any condensation or water from getting into your cake through the bottom.

Step 4: Cut a circle out of the middle of the box. I used a smaller cake pan with a bottom that cut through the cardboard easily. You can also use something similar to make this circle for you.

Step 5: Tape the circular piece back over its hole so that it will be sturdy enough to transport your cake in.

A Cake Box
A Cake Box

Step 6: Place your cake in and pull the cardboard flaps over to cover it completely. If necessary, place a small dollop of icing or frosting on the top of your cake to secure the flaps in place.

What Material Is Used To Make Cake Boxes?

Cake boxes are traditionally made out of cardboard, though you can buy ones that are made out of other materials.

Cardboard is the most common material used to make them because it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

Cake boxes are usually decorated using paint or stickers, though you can also find ones that have images or icons printed on them.

How Do You Pack A Cake In A Cake Box?

Pack your cake into the bottom of a large box, place the cake box on top, and then put a weighted object on top of that.

You can use newspaper or paper plates filled with stones, sand, or gravel. You should also wrap it in plastic wrap as well. Don’t forget to put a ribbon around it as well!

How Do You Fold A Cake Box Cover?

Fold the sides of the box outward instead of in towards the center with your hands. This will leave you with a flatter box to work with.

You can always cover your box with tape in order to keep it flat, or do it the easy way and use a box cutter.

Step 1: Use a box cutter to cut the top opening of your cake at an angle as shown.

Step 2: Fold one side over the top of the cake box and fold in half to form a triangle.

Step 3: Fold in the other two sides and tuck them in under where you folded the first side.

Fold A Cake Box Cover
Fold A Cake Box Cover

Step 4: Cut the second opening as shown.

Step 5: Fold the sides at the top inward and cut off or fold over, then fold in half to form a triangle as before. You can also use tape or additional cardstock to secure your box together.

How Do You Size A Box Cake?

You can use a box cake to make just about any size cake. The dessert will come out the length and width of whatever size box you use.

You can also use a cake board, which is usually made out of cardboard or foam core with a paper covering on it.

Some are even covered with non-sticky materials such as Teflon, making it easy to remove the cake once you have served it.

Do Cake Boxes Keep Cakes Fresh?

The best way to keep your cake fresh is to keep it in an airtight container. This is usually done by using a container with a tight-fitting lid that is airtight.

Package your cake carefully and don’t forget to use the right size box.

How To Store

It is best to store the cake for no longer than four hours if the cake contains icing. Even so, it is still a good idea to put a small piece of waxed paper in your box with the cake to prevent any condensation from soaking into it.

A paper-wrapped cake will stay fresh best and at its best for approximately three days. However, if you have specially decorated your cake, it may last one day longer.


When you are finished with your cake, you can use the box to store it in until the next time that you need it. You can also cover it for extra protection so that you can save it for later.

Cake boxes will make your delicious creation last longer and keep it fresh, ready for when you want to serve another slice.