How To Cool A Cake

One of the essential parts of making a cake is cooling it. This video will show you how to do that properly. The article below will walk you through how to cool a cake. This will ensure that it doesn’t overbake and become dry.

It would help if you made sure never to ice a cake while it is warm because icing will melt and become soupy, which can result in it sliding off the side of the cake.

How To Cool A Cake

1. When your cake has finished baking, set it on a cooling rack so the heat can escape. This is the most crucial part of how to cool a cake.

2. Let the cake cool for about 1 hour, so it is warm but not hot to the touch. Make sure you do not touch the top of the cake with your hands or anything else because this will add moisture and prevent it from cooking properly.

3. Ice the cake right when it comes out of the oven. This should be done while the cake is still warm so the icing will adhere to the cake.

4. Cool your cake in an airtight container. A good rule of thumb is to always put it in an airtight box or container once you have finished icing it and let it cool completely before removing it.

Cool A Cake
Cool A Cake

5. Keep the cake in an airtight container when you are not using it. It will prevent it from losing moisture and becoming dry.

6. Always wrap the box or container with aluminum foil before you use it for your recipe because this will protect the cake from drying out and ensure that it stays moist.

7. You should always make a cake recipe at least 4 hours before you plan to serve it so that it has time to cool down completely, preventing your cake from getting dry and not tasting as good as you had hoped.

How Long Should I Let A Cake Cool Before Taking It Out Of The Pan?

Well, you should be fine if it doesn’t warm up too much while trying to remove it from the pan or get under hot lights. If your cake is not just right when you serve it,

you can always run the cake under hot lights for an extra minute or two to bring it back up to temperature with no damage done.

What Is The Fastest Way To Cool A Hot Cake?

Put your cake on a cooling rack and let it sit in an excellent area before removing it from the frame. However, if you do not want to wait around for, say,

an hour or two and need to take it out of the oven quickly, you can spray it down with water first, put it back in the range for just a few minutes and then finish cooling.

Can You Put A Warm Cake In The Fridge To Cool?

You can, but it is not recommended. It will be very moist in the fridge because of the moisture from the steam and cooler temperature.

This means that it can make icing runny. However, if you have no other choice, you can put a warm cake in the fridge for about an hour as soon as it comes out to the ice.

A better way to cool a cake is to leave it on a cooling rack where it can gradually drop its temperature.

Why Do Cakes Fall When Cooling?

There are a few reasons why this can happen. First, if you have left the cake in the oven too long while it is still warm and has not had it set on a cooling rack to let the heat escape, the top of your cake will start to cool more quickly than it should.

The top of your cake will start cooling faster, which causes it to fall because gravity pulls it down into the middle section. This is what they call a “sunken” part of your cake.


You now know how to cool a cake and the importance of cooling it so that the moisture cannot escape. This will cause the cake to become dry and flavorless.

You must let your cake cool on a cooling rack so it can continue rising and coming off the inner wall of your pan.

The other important thing is to ensure that you do not set it in an airtight box or container as soon as you ice it because this will prevent it from continuing to rise.