Do Rice Cakes Go Bad?

To know if rice cakes go bad, you must know what they are made of. Brown rice is the main ingredient in rice cakes. The oil used to bake the rice cake comes from sunflower seeds.

For the highest nutritional value, vegetable oil is best. Other ingredients in rice cakes include salt, yeast, and brown sugar (only a tiny amount). For anything to go bad, it has to be exposed to oxygen.

Do Rice Cakes Go Bad?

Yes, rice cakes can go bad, although their shelf life is relatively long compared to other perishable food items.

Rice cakes are typically made from rice that has been cooked, dried, and compressed into a compact form. The lack of moisture in rice cakes helps to extend their shelf life.

It’s crucial to remember that rice cakes can still age or acquire unpleasant flavours. Depending on the brand, packaging, and storage conditions, the actual shelf life can change.

In general, unopened rice cakes can last for several months beyond the expiration date printed on the package if stored properly.

How Can You Tell If Your Rice Cake Has Gone Bad?

You can tell if your rice cake has gone bad by looking for anything besides regular brown rice cakes. Sometimes moisture will get into the cake, making it look slightly darker than usual.

This is because bacteria has grown on the surface of the cake, which causes this discoloration. If your rice cakes have gone wrong,

Rice Cakes
Rice Cakes

you may also notice that they have an odor that could smell like ammonia or a slightly fermented smell.

What Happens If You Eat Expired Rice?

If you consume expired rice, there’s a chance you could get sick or experience other negative effects.

Consuming outdated rice can be dangerous because it may contain Bacillus cereus, a dangerous bacteria that can grow and generate toxins that lead to foodborne diseases.

Can I Eat Rice Cakes Past The Expiration Date?

Rice cakes can still be eaten after their expiration date if they appear and smell normal, even if the date acts as a recommendation for the best quality.

However, it’s crucial to use caution and scrutinise the rice cakes carefully before eating them.


Rice cakes go bad, and that is unavoidable. Luckily, there are different ways to tell if your rice cakes have gone wrong.

Bacteria will spread to the rice cake, and you will be able to tell by how it looks and smells.

Once you know that your rice cakes are no longer edible, throw them away in a garbage can with a lid on them.