Can You Refrigerate Cake Batter?

Like most home bakers, you might wonder if you can refrigerate cake batter. This is a question that many bakers ask as it’s not always apparent if refrigerating cake batter is safe or not.

We have compiled a list of the nitty gritty answers to everything from when and why to use icing instead of frosting to what happens when you make Twinkies the old-fashioned way.”

Can You Refrigerate Cake Batter
Can You Refrigerate Cake Batter

Can You Refrigerate Cake Batter?

Yes, you can refrigerate the cake batter. Anything you would chill can be refrigerated in the cake batter.

The reason for this is that there are no perishable ingredients, such as eggs and milk, in the cake batter.

The components found in cake batters aren’t highly susceptible to bacteria or other organisms that will thrive on perishable food ingredients.

Cake Batter
Cake Batter

How Long Does Cake Batter Last?

When refrigerating your cake batter, you should ensure it stays in the refrigerator for three weeks.

After about three weeks, the fats in the butter and eggs begin to break down and may render the batter less effective when used.

If you keep your refrigerator at an ideal temperature of 36 degrees Fahrenheit or below, your cake batter will stay fresh for at least a month.

How To Refrigerate Cake Batter

There are a few ways to refrigerate cake batter. You can immediately place your batter in the refrigerator or put it in an airtight container and then into the fridge for later use.

One of the benefits of refrigerating cake at first is that you can set a timer for when you bake your cake.

That way, you won’t be devouring all that delicious, sweet frosting on day one.”

Can You Store Cake Batter In The Freezer?

You certainly can store cake batter in the freezer for later use. As mentioned, we do not recommend keeping it for more than three weeks.

You must also take some precautions to ensure that freezing the mixture doesn’t render it unusable or unsafe.”

Can We Leave The Batter At Room Temperature?

Leaving cake batter out at room temperature is never a good idea. That’s because room temperature is usually between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit,

which may be too warm for the cake batter. Also, by leaving it out, you’re inviting germs or bacteria to grow in the mixture.

How To Store Cake Batter

Store cake batter in an airtight container stored in the refrigerator. The container will keep the cake batter fresh and protected until you can use it.

Ensure you don’t leave the cake batter at room temperature for over three hours before putting it in the refrigerator.


We hope you now understand what cake batter is, how to store it, and when to use it.

If you have further questions about baking and baking ingredients or want more information on terminology, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff members.

They love answering questions and helping out with issues regarding cake batter.”